Computer Repair

• Free 15 Minute evaluation (Walk-in Only)
• Data Backup: Backs up all data to a provided external device
• Physical Cleaning: Improves system stability and prevents overheating by cleaning fans, vents, and CPU heat sinks
• Operating System Cleaning & Optimization: Remove unnecessary programs, install security updates, and optimize the system.
• Operating system install: We install/update the original OS and include our basic optimization.
• OS Install w/ Data Backup: After install, all old non-OS related data is transferred to a single folder and shortcut is placed on your desktop
• OS Install w/ Data Restore: After installation, all data (Documents, Music, Favorites, etc) is restored to previous location
• New System Setup/Migration: Moves and restores personal data, updates and optimizes a new computer.
• E-mail Transfer/Restore: Backs up and restores locally stored e-mail and account info.
• iTunes Transfer/Restore: Installs iTunes and restores the library so that it functions properly.
• Other Program Transfer/Restore: Backs up and restores data for specified programs.

Network Services

Networking Consultation
​Find out what you need to fully connect your home or office wired or wireless with an efficient and customized network before you buy anything. We can conduct an onsite visit, survey your networking needs, and then help you come up with a cost-effective plan of action for networking your computers, printers and game systems. We can even help you plan a “mixed network,” linking PCs and Macs for optimal performance.

Network Installation & Setup
We can develop a user-friendly plan for you to share internet, printers, and files from anywhere in your home or office with a secure wireless network or a hardwired solution. It's in your best interest to protect your personal information so we can also secure your network with hardware or software firewall solutions.

​We realize no two companies are the same, so we want to get to know your business and create a custom solution for you.

Software Development

Custom programs for any type of company to help streamline business needs. Here is a sampling of the systems we have written:​
• Accounting Office Client tracking system
• Church Membership and contribution system
• Conference registration system(s)
• Dye house system(s)
• Legal Client system(s)
• Manifest printing system
• Membership database systems
• Metal sales program
• Non profit membership/Financial system
• Order entry system integrated with EDI systems
• QuickBooks reporting systems for custom financial reports
• RV Sales System
• Textile Inventory and Order Entry/Billing(s)
• Textile Coating systems
• Time clock system(s)
• Shipping/Tracking system
• Yarn Production system

Web Services

Custom website designs and the ability to maintain your social media, all of which help to keep you one step ahead of the competition​. A website should be professional, easy to navigate, and most importantly a powerful marketing tool that allows potential clients to learn more about what your company has to offer. Call today and let us get started taking your online presence to the next level!
• Web Design
• SEO Search Engine Optimization
• Hosting
• Email
• Domain Name Services
• Internet Marketing
• Social Media Marketing
• Content Management
• E-Commerce
• Logo & Brand Design
• Secure SSL Certificates
• Site Analytics
• Web Banner Design
• Shopping Carts
Dynamic Computer Sales & Service
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